We just removed the dot,
and so much more


So, what's changed?

Not a lot, but also everything. We’re still making Teamwear to perfection, but we’re also offering a lot more than just apparel for your team. Dare has changed to grow, to create cost-effective ways to execute ideas and create solutions that can drive engagement, value and visibility to your brand.

Dare Teamwear (formerly known as Dare. Sportswear) will make up one of the things Dare specialises in. If you are already a Dare Teamwear partner, you will be all set up and ready to go for ordering and reordering in the future! 

If you are new to Dare, we are more than just Teamwear. Our inventory of innovative ways will make your brand stronger.

Still... Trusted by

We’ve got some impressive clients, because they know a good thing when they see one

How can we work together?

We want to make things as easy as possible to get started. It’s as simple as your ideas, and our execution. We can also help come up with ideas and brainstorm alongside you and your team.

Some of the things we can do for you


Making your app idea come to life! Taking your web design to the next level

UI/UX Designer

It's supposed to look how you want it to, so we'll do that bit

Graphic Design

Need updated social assets? We're the right people to go to

Video and Production

Video idea? Need editing done? Consider Dare the best place for it


Promotion or marketing your new product? Let's work on it together. We have the tools


With a collection of high-quality cameras, Dare is the all round project for videography