So, you think it's a good idea to start a podcast...

It's not just good, it's great.

It's your lucky day!

Dare knows how to turn your phone recordings into a great sounding discussion. With Dare Podcasts, everything is involved, including marketing, TikTok/Shorts management and hosting. In other words, Dare can turn your idea into a reality.

Launching early May 2024

Dare will do everything for you

and here’s a list to show you what we mean by everything

Here's our podcasting experiment...

Enhanced, branded and hosted.

Our packages 😏


Starting your idea and getting it on the right track

  • Boosting audio
  • Artwork Design
  • Supply music/ambience
  • Hosting on any platform
  • Basic analytics
  • Feedback
  • Designing of entire brand
  • Video production
  • Designing/Selling merch


The ultimate podcasting experience for you and your ideas

  • Boosting Audio
  • Artwork design
  • Supply music/ambience
  • Hosting on any platform
  • Feedback
  • Advanced analytics
  • Full branding
  • Video editing
  • Access to Dare eCommerce


Something a bit more... spicy

  • Boosting audio
  • Artwork Design
  • Supply music/ambience
  • Hosting on any platform
  • Advanced analytics
  • Feedback
  • Designing of entire brand
  • Designing of merch
  • Video editing

We also have optional add-ons such as website creation, site hosting, photo shoot branding opportunities and more! Talk to us about what else we can do around the podcast space.

The questions you might have

We utilise AI to do some voice modification. We don’t use it for anything else but making you sound crystal clear, no matter the situation. We use Adobe’s technology to quickly turn around enhancements and boosting to your podcast audio, giving you more opportunity to have new episodes out frequently to your audience.

Oh, when we talk about artwork and branding for podcasts, we’re diving into the cool visuals and vibe your podcast gives off. Artwork is all the eye-catching graphics like your podcast cover, episode images, and stuff you share on social media. It’s what makes people pause and take a look. We do all of that for you.


Branding? That’s like the podcast’s personality in visual form. It ties together your colours, fonts, and style to make sure your podcast is unmistakable anywhere it pops up. It’s about giving your podcast its own unique flair that listeners can recognize and connect with right away.

So, artwork and branding are your podcast’s visual handshake with the world – they make a great first impression and tell your audience what you’re all about, all while keeping things fun and professional.

We’re all about using tunes that jazz up your podcast without the headache of copyright issues. This means we handpick music from legit, copyright-free platforms. Whether you’re after something chill to set the mood or an upbeat track to keep things lively, we’ve got you covered. It’s all about adding that perfect background vibe to your episodes, legally and hassle-free.

Absolutely, we’re not just about Spotify! We can get your podcast onto any platform you’re eyeing, including Apple Podcasts. There’s really no limit. Think of it as your podcast being everywhere your listeners are, whether they’re Team Spotify, Apple enthusiasts, or anywhere else. We’ve got all the bases covered for you.

We keep an eye on your podcast’s analytics, so you don’t have to sweat it. We’ll dish out reports that are straight-up insightful, showing you how many folks are tuning in, from where, and even which episodes are hitting the mark. It’s some mean data magic that lets you peek behind the curtain and see the impact you’re making. Trust us, you’ll be in the loop.


We also can give helpful suggestions on how to improve your reach!

  • Listener Numbers: See how many people are tuning in to each episode.
  • Geographic Distribution: Find out where in the world your listeners are jamming to your podcast.
  • Episode Performance: Discover which episodes are fan favorites and which ones didn’t quite hit the mark.
  • Listening Platforms: Get the lowdown on where your audience prefers to listen, whether it’s Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or somewhere else.
  • Engagement Metrics: We’ll show you how long people are listening and at what point they might be dropping off.
  • Subscriber Growth: Track how your subscriber base is growing over time.
  • Device Data: Learn whether your listeners are tuning in from their phones, computers, or tablets.

Oh, for sure! TikTok’s a goldmine for podcasters looking to reach new audiences. We can help turn snippets of your podcast into engaging video clips perfect for TikTok. Think of it as giving your podcast a visual flair that hooks viewers in seconds. Whether it’s a hilarious moment, a mind-blowing fact, or just you being your awesome self, we’ve got the tools to make your content TikTok-ready. Let’s get your podcast out there in a whole new way!

Easy as! We can get your merch sorted and up for sale on the Dare Store. From design to creation, and even managing sales, we handle the lot. All you need to do is watch the profit roll in. It’s a brilliant way to engage with your audience even more and let them show their love for your podcast. Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of good merch? Let’s make your podcast brand a part of your listeners’ everyday life!

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