Black and White for All Stars 2022

This year, we crafted the College Sport All Stars kit from December 2021. It changed design several times, with the inclusion of many small bits and pieces to reflect on an eventful year. Let us walk you through what we did and how we did it.

There were three types of kit displayed this year in the College Sport All Stars match. You can purchase replica copies from the Dare. Store

  1. Game Jersey
  2. Game Shorts
  3. Warmup Jersey

Inspiration was taken from the Brooklyn Nets design, which featured a pattern from a local artist and inspired from the black community. We attempted to roll with something similar. Dare. artists came up with a pattern that could be used in multiple ways and could give instant recognition. Starting from January 2021, Dare. became to sport he squiggle wave design and it was instantly a hit for the jerseys.

Final design for the College Sport All Stars 2022 Jersey

The kit would feature a few extra items as we lost a valuable member, a friend and an inspiration to many. Kenny McFadden’s initials were placed above the Dare. logo to show that a valued member of the basketball family was bigger than the sport.

The black armband was added. While not easily visible on the black jersey, was prominent on the white. The jerseys also featured the first ever “Dare. Zero” logo on the inner, and this being made out of 100% recycled polyester. A new first and something we aim to continue for any big event we host in the future. It’s one part of our sustainability pledge.

Doing something new is our standard, and we love working with youth to create the perfect basketball kit for them, their sizes and their abilities. We worked to improve last year’s kits by changing our women’s cut to be more honest and more true to players, offering the ability to extend the jersey by a length for taller bodies while maintaining correct sizing elsewhere.

While Dare. will continue to create great basketball wear, we continue to improve as we have begun to take on the task of resizing our junior crowd for the perfect fit. We strive to be better and help deliver basketball to communities around Aotearoa.