College Sport All Stars Kits and Media


Project Info:

September 2021 – December 2022

Wellington, NZ

Dare was given the task to create two new kits each year for the College Sport All Stars games. The results had to relate to the theme created by Dare originally and work with partner obligations as well as looking fun and exciting. Each player from each team would end up keeping their personalised jersey, shorts and a warm-up tshirt. 


Trying to work with both pink and purple created a unique basketball kit that hadn’t been done in the Wellington Region before, with no schools or clubs having these colours within their branding.


Dare planned and executed a successful launch campaign for these kits, with sales, giveaways and of course prints. 


Disappointingly, the event had to be run under COVID restrictions in New Zealand, meaning only 100 people were allowed in the venue. Regardless, the games still progressed and the feedback was positive!