Floorball New Zealand puts its faith in Dare

Floorball New Zealand

Project Info:

October 2023

Singapore, SG

Putting heritage in the forefront of the Nation

When Dare partnered with Floorball New Zealand to craft their International kits, the ambition was not just to design a uniform but to embody a spirit, a story, and a connection to the heart of New Zealand’s floorball community. This collaboration marked a significant milestone in the journey of Floorball New Zealand, particularly for the Asia Pacific Floorball Championship 2023 event, setting a precedent for innovation, cultural integration, and sportsmanship in the realm of international sports apparel.


The Vision Behind the Collaboration


Dare embarked on this venture with a vision to intertwine the essence of New Zealand’s rich heritage with the dynamic, fast-paced nature of floorball. The aim was to create kits that not only provided functionality and comfort to the players but also resonated with the values and identity of Floorball New Zealand. This was a project where fabric met fervor, design met dedication, and creativity met athleticism.


Sustainability was a key consideration in the design process, reflecting New Zealand’s commitment to environmental conservation. Dare utilized eco-friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing processes to produce the kits, aligning with the global movement towards sustainability in sports.


Impact and Reception


The impact of the collaboration between Dare and Floorball New Zealand extended beyond the playing field. It sparked conversations about the importance of cultural representation in sports, the role of sustainability in apparel design, and the potential of innovative collaborations to elevate the profile of emerging sports like floorball.