HoopNation's Broadcast Journey


Project Info:

October 2020 (Ongoing)


Xposing athletes that love to hoop nationwide, the opportunities to showcase the talents that come from embracing their journey to greatness.

— HoopNation

The Beginning

HoopNation approached us in 2020 to discuss plans to broadcast it’s “Classic” tournament. One of Aotearoa’s biggest basketball competitions. Starting out as a broadcaster, we knew the graphics has to be the main focus to engage an audience that we have never experienced before. Coming off the back of our broadcasts within The Summer Series, HoopNation knew we could deliver an efficient and well working product.


Three years later, and our team are still working with HoopNation to produce the best possible outcome for their viewers.

Working with HoopNation on tight deadline projects such as Uniform Reveals

The Innovation

Innovation is a huge part in broadcast, and showcasing what we can do to think outside the box is a strength. Here’s some examples of how we managed to do this with the team at HoopNation’s Junior Showcase. 


We were asked to help viewers get involved in the Dunk Contest. So we created a platform that allowed viewers to experience the scores that the judges had voted. 

We developed a system to work with their dunk contest. Easy.

We made an old venue look like a cave filled with treasure.

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